HP LaserJet Symbol Set Chart

A handy one-page Decimal / Hex / ANSI reference chart

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<P>In 1993, I was working on a consulting project involving printing documents in
many European languages, and thus I came to be interested in the various

I was also fooling around with Borland's Turbo Assembler product at the time. So, for my first non-trivial assembler project since college, I wrote a little DOS program called HPSYMSET to print a one-page chart of all the characters in any given HP symbol set. The upper-left corner of a sample page is shown at the right.

Download HPSYMSET.COM and execute it from an MS DOS window. (You'll probably have to right-click this link and choose "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As...".)

For those doing Web work, you'll want the chart produced by the command:

The original PC DOS character set can be produced by the command:

FYI, here's a list of HP symbol sets:

If HPSYMSET is executed with no argument, it displays a help message:

It still amazes me that the program file is only 1,948 bytes -- and about 600 of those bytes (30%) are the help message! That's smaller than this HTML file. No CD-ROM drive required. No need to ZIP it. Bare metal programming.

6/19/2005 -- Note that this DOS program prints to LPT1:, and modern versions of Windows do not know how to deal with that ancient technique. My friend Charles Brenner has a page explaining Printing from Windows XP, which may help you.

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